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Winner of the Harnack/Lancaster Award for Excellence and Innovationin the Ceramic Arts, click the image to read a review of the show. Will be at "From the Ground Up" at The Las Cruces Museum", Aug 4- Oct 21


"Topos Installation" Stoneware Ceramics, INDIVIDUAL PIECES: 12" -15" DIAMETER

New Mexico Showcase

"TOPOS INSTALLATION" was part of the exhibit "New Mexico Showcase" at 516 Arts in Albuquerque curated by Peter Frank
February 4- April 28, 2012

Santa Fe New Mexican, Pasatiempo, March 9, 2012:

"Other works that caught my attention..."Topos Installation", an ensemble of colorful stoneware pieces By Mario Quilles.

Topos Installation has a wonderful sense of playfulness, with its jumble of seven stoneware pieces atop a short, makeshift bench covered in black felt. The dark support activates the taffy-colored, cone-shaped objects in a way that recalls the fanciful mushroom dance in Disney's animated feature Fantasia. Quilles' textured surfaces, employing pockmarks,protruding nebs, and wavy lines,heighten the effect of the pieces' toylike quality." reviewed by Douglas Fairfield,

516 Arts

Friday, November 9, 2018

Mario Quilles show at Aurelia Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, opens October 28, 2022

                                             It still remains to be seen, which will be shown

But we know more are coming

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